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Coffee that is out of this world!

Our Story

Meet Jenn and Grace, two best friends behind the mission to bring great-tasting coffee to their community. With Jenn’s expertise in marketing & research and Grace’s flair for creativity & technology, they formed an unstoppable team. Their journey began in their cozy kitchen, where they experimented tirelessly with beans, flavors, and brewing techniques until they perfected their craft. Fuelled by their unwavering friendship and a commitment to excellence, they transformed their passion into the start of a small business, offering a diverse menu of handcrafted delights to delight the senses and warm the soul. At the heart of their venture lies a simple yet profound philosophy: to share their love for coffee with the world, one cup at a time.

Our Team

Meet the team who started it all with their passion for coffee.






Head Barista

Fresh Beans

Indulge in the rich and flavorful experience of our ethically sourced fresh coffee beans. Each bean is carefully selected from sustainable and responsible sources, ensuring that every sip not only tantalizes your taste buds but also supports communities and preserves the environment. From the lush coffee fields to your cup, our commitment to ethical sourcing means you can enjoy your coffee guilt-free, knowing that every bean represents a commitment to fairness, quality, and sustainability.

Our Coffee

Medium Roast

Breakfast Blend

Donut Shop

Dark Roast

French Roast

Warp Speed*





French Vanilla

Embark on a cosmic journey with every sip of our coffee, where each cup transports you to a realm of unparalleled flavor and aroma. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a celestial explorer seeking new tastes, our brews promise an otherworldly experience that will leave you craving another journey into the depths of flavor.

[*Warp Speed is a roast made from a special blend of beans with a naturally higher caffeine content, giving you extra clarity and focus for the day, or night.]